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Tristant Vineyards: 100% Organic Napa Valley Reserve

The Birth and Discovery of Tristant Vineyards

The Napa Valley was well known for its quality wines. With soils rich in volcanic residue and many other exceptional properties, it was an ideal place to grow grapes. In the spring of 1977, I explored this unspoiled region seeking the perfect location for my vineyard.

One day, I traveled along a beautiful country road embraced by mature oak trees whose enchanting branches invited you to travel under their protection. Just before the Napa River was an area covered with tall hay and flowers and several small brush oak trees. My heart raced as I took in the panoramic view - the majestic Mount Saint Helena, the Palisades to the East, the Maycamas to the West and the Napa River bordering the property on two sides.

By early afternoon, I had entered into an agreement to purchase the property and found myself in a world of design and anticipation and many sleepless hours. My childhood dream had come true.

Our winery is a proud member of the Napa Valley Vintners, an organization committed to the future of the Napa Valley through the preservation and enhancement of its land, wine and community.

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